Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 27 - protest this daft SOPA/PIPA thingy-ma-jig

A lot of sites went down last wednesday but I'm not so sure the fight is over even with people fleeing the bill.

I quote from
"Julian Sanchez, research fellow at the libertarian CATO Institute, said average Americans engaged in “lawful, non-infringing” activity could be caught up by parts of SOPA and PIPA. “When the government seizes a drug dealer’s car, that really only impacts the drug dealer,” Sanchez said. “But when you take down an entire website, an entire domain name, to hit some unlawful content, you’re potentially hitting tons of perfectly lawful, non-infringing content.”
seems pretty fooked up to me...and to be honest i reckon its only going to backfire on the very people who are trying to push it through....

if you treat everyone like a criminal, then sooner or later they will all start to act like criminals.

anyway, heres my protest (kind of like the blacking out of wikipedia - but maybe on a tiny bit smaller scale!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 26 - build your very own Millennium Falcon

yes, why not...if an overgrown german shepherd can fly one, why not build your very own!

of course, the cost may put a lot of people off, probably somewhere in the billion dollar why not settle for the next best thing...


we all love go build a smaller Falcon from Lego (hell, you can even buy it ready-to-make).

so, heres my sons build...took him about 3 hours off and on...and it allowed me to spend 3 hours drinking red wine supervising (well, ok, watching)...of course in the film below it takes less than 40 seconds, just enough time to appreciate the Latino-style Star Wars music....enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 25 - a long time coming

...sorry but in doing this little project I actually found something I was interested in...Timelapse!...and as a result i kind of stopped finding things to do each day!

the whole summer I've been wasting the wifes camera 'clicks' taking pictures of obscure things like 'dinner with friends' or 'lighting a bar-b-que' heres the first real attempt i made:

hopefully it came out ok...i think you may have to be in the film to find it interesting but what what the hell!

ps: if your wondering why I said "wasting the wifes camera clicks", after taking a thousand photos a day for the last 2 months i found out that the average Canon DSLR is only built for approximately 100,000 clicks! oops!! double oops!!!! is she going to be pissed when the camera bites the bullet a lot sooner than she expected!

ce la vie!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 24 - Claim your rightful 2.5 Billion Dollars!!!!

well, why appears that the Nigerian Government for Fraud Compensation are giving trillions of dollars away.

I received this email yesterday and have decided to act upon it poste-haste!

From: International Payment Office (
INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT OFFICE,                         
YOUR REF: 89007/2011
2ND JULY, 2011               

Good day to you ,  

This is to intimate you of a very important information which will be of a great help to you if you are there to read this message.I am Mr.Antony Moore the Finance Director Of the Compensation Office West African District Division(2).Your long over due payment from the Nigeria Governments for Fraud Compensations which we believe you have received several emails on is now completelty ready to be released to you.
There is presently a counter claims on your funds by one Mr.Peter Desmond , who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead and even explained that you entered into an agreement with him, to help you in receiving your fund.He is also ready to pay for the release charge of $255 USD on your funds which makes us want to make this last confirmation before going ahead to pay this Mr.Peter Desmond.
Here comes the big question. Did you sign any deed of assignment in favor of ( Mr.Peter Desmond )? Thereby making him the current beneficiary the sum of $2.500.000.000.00 with the following account details:? Mr.Peter Desmond , ac/number: 6503809428. Routing/122006743,  b/name: Citi Bank, address: New  York ,usa, we shall proceed to issue all payments details to the above named person if we do not hear from you within the next five working  days.

Respond to this e-mail on ( ) with immediate effect and we shall give you further details on how your fund will be released. Just like i said ealier supposed beneficiary Mr.Peter Desmond is ready to pay the only release charge on your funds which is $195, if we allow him pay this fee that authomatically makes him the owner and the money will be transfered into his account so do respond to this message if you are alive so that we can be sure of doing the right thing due to the hugh amount of money involved. Also call me as soon as you send the e-mail so that you will be given an immediate response:

Below again is My Contact Info:

Contact Agent Name: Mr.Antony Moore
Email:( )
Tel : +234-708-721-3321.

If you are alive then i want you to send us your following details so that we can begin process for the release of your funds :

1.Full Name:.....
2.Full Address;........
3.Phone Number :........

Get back to me with the below informations so that i can inform you how you are to send the only needed charge of $195 for the release of your funds which we told Mr.Peter not
to pay yet untill nothing is heard from you in 7 working days which will make us believe that truely you are no more and that Mr.Peter Desmond is right.


Now, I don't like to pick holes in other peoples emails, after all, Mike from the call-centre could have been a bit rushed when he hastily threw this email together (after all, its only regarding 2.5 billion dollars!!!). Maybe Mike from the call-centre didn't write it! Maybe it was Mr Antony Moore who is “intimating” me of a very important message.

Well, no matter, whoever it was has clearly never heard of a spell-checker because I am “completelty ready” to have the money released to me when I cough up the $255 dollars, oh, hang on, its only $195 now, I’m pretty sure it was $255 “ealier”! I think I’ll settle on $195 dollars instead, one wouldn’t want to waste money, would one!

Time is clearly of the essence; because I would dread that Mr Peter Desmond beat me to it and that he “pay this fee that authomatically” would make him the owner of the “hugh” amount of money!

Well, Ive just filled in my details and emailed it back to all of the specified mail addresses, but I’m not sure why they need my sex and “ocuupation”! Do they think I intend to continue working once I receive my 2.5 billion dollar entitlement? Surely not!

I didn’t want them to think that I was “treuly” no more by not replying within 5 working days, oh hang on, its 7 working days now! Oh well, nothing like getting in early!

Right, I’m off to tell my boss to stick his job up his arse; that I hate him; that I wished he had never been born; and that I am now in the process of buying my own, small, Caribbean island with my 2.5 billion dollar entitlement!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 23 - write a review of a hotel

As you may or may not know, I recently returned from a short break on the beautiful island of Rhodes.

Ok, I stayed in Faliraki, but the hotel was really top-notch.

I have never been on an all-inclusive holiday before, but since it was my little sisters wedding I had no choice in the matter....Sun Palace Hotel, Faliraki Road Rhodes...was absolutely fantastic, all you could possibly eat (from all four corners of the world); all you could possibly drink (although the red wine was served from the fridge it was still acceptable since it would have been 20 odd degrees which is hardly room temperature); a great pool; loads of things to do; and lots of friendly, attentive staff.

Anyway, I digress, I have been working all over Europe for over a decade now and most weeks have stayed in a hotel, up until now I have read most reviews of hotels I was due to stay at with a large pinch of salt:

"Hotel fantastic, but it was really let down by not having an International Tiddly-Winks arena next door"!!!


"Hated everything about this hotel: worst possible room, heating on full blast, shower stone cold, bed lumpy, wallpaper was disgusting, bar always closed, food tasted of cardboard....would highly recommend staying"!

So, day 23, I thought I'd write a review of the hotel in Rhodes to see how hard it goes... 
Utterly fantastic hotel...would highly recommend!
Having never been on an all-inclusive holiday before, I was happily surprised to discover how fantastic this hotel is run!

From the minute you arrive (with a welcoming glass of champagne while you check-in) the staff are really friendly and attentive.

The rooms are clean, modern, and comfortable, although slightly on the small side - but that hardly matters since the only time I spent in the room was to get changed for dinner or go to sleep at the end of a fantastic day sat by the pool; or in the bar; or joining in with the many organised activities.

The choice of food is over-whelming...really!

The bar is well stocked (with many international brands).

The pool is great.

The other guest's were also pretty good too!

Special mention must go to the manager who did his very best to make sure my trip back home was so easy....many many thanks!

All in all I would highly recommend this hotel for families with kids upto around 12 years of age.
There, I did it, the hotel was really good, so I'm afraid it may appear as if I am the manager writing it...but who cares, someone like me will probably read it with the same pinch of salt as I would.

As proof of the writing the review, I have posted this to tripadvisor and hotels (with whom I made the booking), and now have to wait upto 72 hours to get it published...once it is I'll update the links here.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 22 - go on holiday

everyone needs a holiday now and again...even if you live in the south of france and everyday is one loooong holiday, its still nice to get away and forget all about the sunshine; forget all about the pool; forget all about the games of boules; forget all about good wine; forget all about good food...

...infact, forget all about everything that you've spent decades perfecting in your own little world and then you can go and pick holes in everything that someone else has decided is the perfect holiday!

That said, I have just got back from the beautiful island of Rhodes, and it was pretttty, pretttty good if I say so myself.

It was my little sisters wedding and she had decided on Falaraki...which wasn't the easiest of places to get to from the south of France (it appeared that only the English and Germans fly direct, although I found out while I was there that Belgium and some of the Nordic countries also do it).

It was the Sun Palace Hotel. I've worked in lots of different places in the world and stayed in lots of different hotels in the world, but this one was the most difficult hotel I've come across to book (at least when booking something a little different, like only 3 nights!), it appears that people only ever go to Rhodes for a week at a time (dictated presumably by the travel companies)!

What was most difficult though was getting there. Either fly north for a direct flight back to the south or take a very long and convoluted route half-way across Europe.

In the end I opted for:
1. flight from Nice to Rome;
When in Rome
"lunchtime, and when in Rome..."

2. flight from Rome to Athens;
Waiting for the plane
"its a long wait in the airport!"

3. flight from Athens to Rhodes.
Athens Airport
"it was getting dark at this point"

Total Time (door to door) = 13 hours.
Total Flying Time = 3 hours!

Total time sat in goddamn awful airports = 10 hours!!!

The Pool
"finally arrived...only 13 hours later!"

Still it was worth every second to be at the wedding...and to be on a little holiday to boot.

Only thing left was do the exact opposite all over again....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 21 - send a tweet when someone breaks a tripwire!

I know its been almost 2 weeks (14 days missed), but I went on guesses as to what tomorrows blog is going to be...

...however for now, watch this in action! very, very cool

you can get full details over here.

Day 15 - do a multi-lingual crossword...

...kind of!

This is the crossword from the May edition of The Connexion, an english paper here in France.

I have started doing the crossword to help extend my knowledge of french words (most of which I have to look up in the dictionary) and I have to say its extremely satisfying when the final word goes in.

May Edition of Connexion Crossword

I am assuming they wont mind me putting the crossword here! If nobody objects I will post the answers on day 45, if they do object, then I wont....but feel free to ask for hints (I have only got 10 answers so far, but I am hoping to have filled it in before Junes edition comes out!).

Good Luck