Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 27 - protest this daft SOPA/PIPA thingy-ma-jig

A lot of sites went down last wednesday but I'm not so sure the fight is over even with people fleeing the bill.

I quote from
"Julian Sanchez, research fellow at the libertarian CATO Institute, said average Americans engaged in “lawful, non-infringing” activity could be caught up by parts of SOPA and PIPA. “When the government seizes a drug dealer’s car, that really only impacts the drug dealer,” Sanchez said. “But when you take down an entire website, an entire domain name, to hit some unlawful content, you’re potentially hitting tons of perfectly lawful, non-infringing content.”
seems pretty fooked up to me...and to be honest i reckon its only going to backfire on the very people who are trying to push it through....

if you treat everyone like a criminal, then sooner or later they will all start to act like criminals.

anyway, heres my protest (kind of like the blacking out of wikipedia - but maybe on a tiny bit smaller scale!)

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